Liability Insurance for Physiotherapists in Canada. Is malpractice insurance enough?

Jenny was a professional skier who came to your practice for treatment after she injured her leg in a ski accident. Misjudging the extent of  her injuries, you provide an aggressive form of treatment, which ends up re-injuring the leg she originally sought treatment for. As a result,  Jenny is no longer able to ski and files a malpractice lawsuit.  

As a physiotherapist, your extensive knowledge of the human body is used to restore mobility and physical function following an injury, both serious and minor. Although the intent is never to harm a patient, health care is not error-proof and even the most highly-skilled physiotherapist could find themselves in a situation such as the one above. 

You’ve most likely asked yourself whether you need additional insurance coverage beyond the mandatory physiotherapy malpractice insurance required by your association. If your association doesn’t require it, then surely it isn’t necessary – right?

It depends. Professional Malpractice Insurance for physiotherapists protects against claims related to your professional activities, such as error of judgement, bodily injury or perceived bad advice. It is a critical piece of your risk management strategy. 

Aren’t I covered by my employer’s policy?

Clinical healthcare settings, like hospitals and private practices, generally offer professional liability insurance coverage to their employees for activities within the scope of their employment. But don’t assume this means you have full coverage. When deciding whether or not to purchase personal Physiotherapist Liability Insurance, consider the following points: 

  • Policy limits are typically spread across all employees in the organization. If these limits are exceeded and you find yourself at the wrong end of a lawsuit, you could be responsible for paying out-of-pocket for your own defence. 
  • If you provide services beyond your scope of employment, such as consulting or volunteering, your employer is not required to cover you.
  • Your employer’s policy probably won’t protect you against criminal claims, such as sexual harassment or physical assault.

Ask your employer what their policy restrictions are, what the coverage includes and if you have to pay a deductible. If you’re an independent contractor or own a practice, you are at a higher risk and may want to consider additional policies to cover your bases. 

Physiotherapist Liability Insurance – how do I know if this is enough coverage?

Knowing what policies you need, and what policies you don’t, could make all the difference if you ever find yourself involved in a lawsuit. Insurance is not one size fits all and we know that finding the right policy is a personal choice. To make it easy, we’ve listed the most common insurance policies you might like to consider for your professional well-being. 

Mistakes can take you by surprise, but your insurance shouldn’t.

At Malpractice Insurance Canada, we’ve partnered with Canada’s largest insurance providers to offer exclusive Physiotherapist Liability Insurance policies at the best rates. 

You’ve built a career out of taking care of others, let us take care of you.



I would never expect a patient to file a lawsuit against me but I prefer to be safe than sorry. Easy process and good prices.

FABIO D'ANGELO, Physiotherapist

I’ve been insured for many years and this was by far the EASIEST way to get a quote and a malpractice policy.

CAROLINA SPANCER, Registered Nurse

Great service and super simple to get coverage. Would definitely recommend!

BROOKE SPINELLI, Massage Therapist


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