Why is Malpractice Insurance a Necessity for Canadian Health Professionals?

Imagine for a moment – Tom is a chriopractor, who rrecently treated a patient with a spinal injury. Following treatment, the patient sued him for $50,000 claiming that he hadn’t properly evaluated the patient or suitably treated him. When it was found that he had done everything he was supposed to, the family dismissed the case, but in the end, the legal fees were $15,000. Luckily, Tom had Malpractice Insurance, which covered the defense costs and he was able to continue practicing.

As you can see from this example, Malpractice Insurance doesn’t just cover you when you’re found responsible. It makes sure you aren’t financially ruined trying to prove you aren’t responsible, as well.

Malpractice Insurance is a type of Professional Liability Insurance, which protects you against claims related to professional activities, such as treatment-related injuries, failure to deliver a service, or a misdiagnosis.

Is it the same as General Liability Insurance?

General Liability Insurance (a.k.a. CGL) only covers claims arising from physical injury to customers (e.g. slip and fall), damage to a third party’s property, or instances of libel or reputational damage. If you or a member of your practice makes a mistake and a patient files a lawsuit, your CGL won’t cover the legal fees or potential settlement.

Generally, if you provide a service or advice, as most health professionals do, you need Malpractice Insurance. It’s important to speak with an experienced broker to determine your risk. You might even be surprised to find you have risks that you didn’t know about.

It isn’t hard to picture a scenario where Malpractice Insurance comes in handy. Consider the following examples:

  • Rob owns a physiotherapy clinic in Ontario. During a session, he leaves the room to sign-in another patient. While he’s away, the patient he was treating trips over several pieces of equipment and breaks their arm.

  • During a busy shift, Alan, a pharmacist in Calgary, accidentally mislabels and administers the wrong medication to a patient. The patient suffers a severe allergic reaction and sues Alan for negligence.

  • Kate is a massage therapist in Vancouver. When reviewing a client’s health history, she notices an injury that may be aggrevated by the massage. Rather than refer them to a specialist, she proceeds with the massage and ends up exacerbating the old injury.

Remember, it’s not always about making a mistake.

If you provide a service or advice, there is a chance claims can be brought against you whether they’re fair or not. Sometimes perceived bad advice or injury resulting from your actions is all it takes for someone to file a claim against you. Anyone from an acupuncturist to a chiropractor to a dental hygienist can benefit from Malpractice Insurance in Canada.

As mentioned above, speak with a dedicated broker to assess your exposure to risk and find a policy that best suits your professional needs. Healthcare is not error-proof. As a health professional in Canada, the best thing you can do for your professional well-being is protect it with Malpractice Insurance.



I would never expect a patient to file a lawsuit against me but I prefer to be safe than sorry. Easy process and good prices.

FABIO D'ANGELO, Physiotherapist

I’ve been insured for many years and this was by far the EASIEST way to get a quote and a malpractice policy.

CAROLINA SPANCER, Registered Nurse

Great service and super simple to get coverage. Would definitely recommend!

BROOKE SPINELLI, Massage Therapist


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